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Conservatory Planning Permission Applications

We use the latest Cad software to design your conservatory. We offer a cost effective design solution for conservatory planning permission applications.

One day design process available!

(See our F.A.Q.)


Conservatory Design Plans at affordable fees.


A conservatory can add real value to your home, a recent study by Ideal Home Magazine says:

"Adding a conservatory can raise your house's value by 4% to 5% according to the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and is a relatively simple and cost-effective way of increasing your living space"

Here at Extension Design Plans we can take care of the design work and Planning Permission for you.


Testimonials and Design Samples

"Thanks for your hard work in obtaining the Planning Permission for our conservatory, you have been very easy to deal with and have dealt with the plans and the council quickly. We would be more than happy to pass your number on to other people and for you to feature us on your web site" - thanks again.

Mr and Mrs Hall - Watford, Hertfordshire

Please click on the links below to see a PDF example of Mr and Mrs Halls conservatory plans (average size 200Kb)

architect for a conservatory



See more of our designs at the bottom of this page.


Conservatory planning applications FAQ's

What will the fees be for my conservatory plans?

Conservatory Planning Permission Application:
Design and Draw
Submit Application and Liaise with the Council until Approval  
Planning Application Fee*:
*From 1st January 2020


Council application fees vary from Council to Council and are charged separately to our fees.

If your extension requires any further local authority reports, such as a flood risk assessment, tree survey, structural calculations etc; then these are charged separately to our design fees.

One day design process:

We are able to offer a one day design process, where we are able to call to your property and design your conservatory planning application at your own home.

This can significantly speed up the design process from several weeks to a single day!

Typical one day design process day:

9.00 AM
Turn up to your property and measure up.
10.30 AM
Set up on a desk / table at your property and design your existing property on AutoCAD.
11.30 AM
Design up 3 different conservatory ideas based on the design brief as provided by the client.
12.30 PM
Go through design ideas with the client and pick a design the client likes to progress further.
2.30 PM
Section design and agree with the client the final design ready for Planning Permission / Building regulations council applications.
3.30 PM


Go Home.

Finish the plans and submit applications to the local authority.

*Cups of tea and chocolate biscuits may be required from the client to help the process along.


What areas do you cover?

We cover all of the U.K. with our conservatory planning design services. We have fantastic designers based across England and Wales who are able to help you with your conservatory planning permission application.

local coverage map for the UK

Please feel free to contact us to enquire if we cover your area and are able to design your conservatory.


Conservatory Design Questions and answers:

Will I need planning permission for my conservatory?

We will perform a full assessment if you need planning permission once we have spoken to you about your property and proposed conservatory.

We will then provide you with a written breakdown of all application and design costs.

The Planning Portal is a good website to check and gather info for if you need planning approval. We would always advise that if you are unsure if you need planning permission, that you contact us for advice.

Why are your fees less than I have been quoted by a local Architect?

We try to be as efficient as possible with our work. We understand that you need the permissions to complete your project as cheaply as possible. We only undertake small projects and extensions and are able to give our clients 100% of our time and commitment. You may find the other architects and surveyors are tackling large projects and your small project is a small part of their overall workload.

Do you fill out the planning permission application forms and submit the application to the local authority?

We fill out all forms and submit your design to your local authority. The planning forms can be quite complicated and we would not leave these to a client to fill out themselves. A mistake can prove costly in terms of time and anyone who has dealt with a planning department knows it may take up to a month for the council to write you a letter explaining any problems with your application.

I'm building close to my neighbours property and we have a drain cover located below where we want our new conservatory. Do you give advice on that?

Yes. We are able to discuss on site issues with conservatory foundations and drainage running below your new conservatory. We are able to place a conservatory foundation and drainage design on our plans. This will help you when choosing a company / contractor to build your new conservatory.

Do you give advice on how to achieve planning permission for our conservatory?

Yes, we will provide free advice on how best to achieve the planning approval for your conservatory. We can spot planning problems that conservatory suppliers do not inform their clients about as this is the area we specialise in. We will always advise the best way around any problems and inform you on alternative solutions that get us over an issue. We all want your conservatory planning application to be passed at the first attempt.

Do you charge for amendments to the plans if the local authority want our conservatory design changing?

No. Local authority amendments are dealt with free of charge.

Can we place our conservatory up against a neighbours wall?

If your neighbour is in agreement and the wall is on the boundary, then we can issue you with Party Wall Agreement forms for you to agree with your attached neighbour. We also provide you with a set of plans for the Party Wall Agreement. We are also able to offer advice on site about this subject,

Can you design a retrospective planning permission application a conservatory?

Yes, this is where a conservatory has been built and it has been found that planning permission should have been sought prior to the installation of the conservatory. We have dealt with many retrospective applications over the years and have a good success rate. Please contact us to enquire if we can help you with this type of application.

How many sets of plans will I receive?

We provide 2 sets of paper plans and PDF set to the homeowner so they can print their own plans off should they wish.

We submit our planning applications to the planning portal to speed the process up. Using the planning portal saves posting the application to the council and often saves several days.

Can you provide an estimate for the price of our conservatory.

We would recommend you use a Conservatory Quotation site to find out prices for your conservatory.

If you have any questions that you would like answering about our conservatory Planning Permission design services, please contact us here.


More of our conservatory Planning Permission Designs:

"A professional, cost effective and quick service from start to finish. At first I felt apprehensive about needing planning permission for our conservatory, but after making contact you explained everything clearly and took away any concerns I had. The application took 8 weeks and the builders were able to start straight away. Thank you".


Mr Treen - Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Please click on the links below to see a PDF example of Mr Treens conservatory plans (average size 200Kb)

building plans for a conservatory




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